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The Vampire Diaries. Season 3, Episode 20: "Do Not Go Gentle"

No more Damon-Alaric bromance? BOOO!

"Elena goes to the dance with Stefan and Damon crashes the dance" sounds familiar. Anyway, supernaturals get trapped in the school, as Bonnie tries to undo spells and our humans negotiate everyone's fate. Ester's clever idea of killing her children and all the other vampires for that matter was to make another vampire─a vampire who hunts vampires (kind of like her husband Mikael) and the ultimate white oak stake. Poor Alaric, he couldn't undo his psycho alter-ego's deeds. And like Bill Forbes, he just decides not to complete the transition. Sniff.

Only he's just not on top of all things...

Our resident witch sleepwalked and fed him her blood.

*screecaps by VLC


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