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Music Icons: Donna Summer

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Let us pause for a moment to honor the memory of one of the legends of disco─Ms. Donna Summer.

I'm not that familiar with Donna Summer as a person. But I do know her name, as it is a bit synonymous with "disco". And I do know her songs. I'm sure most of you do, too, without realizing it.

Here's something to help you remember:

Here's another one:

I'd give you another video, but Donna Summer wouldn't like that. She doesn't like people who are too lazy to google her.

LaDonna Adrian Gaines. 31 December 1948─17 May 2012.


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eto yung sinabe ni Brian Eno na "sound of the future" daw nung iparinig nya kay David Bowie nung 70's, hehehe!

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