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Ring Kings

This should've been due more than a week ago. Let's just go ahead with the festivities, shall we?

Deandre Latimore VS Carlos Quintana

A new schooler versus an old school former world champ. I expected Quintana to put on the clamps on Latimore, even if the latter trains at the Mayweather gym in Michigan.

Just because you own the gym doesn't mean you win, bitch!

Quintana did a li'l more in-and-out movements in the first, but Latimore also let some fly, too.

I say split this round!

Early in the second, Latimore gave Quintana a low blow. Quintana doesn't take the five-minute optional breather, though. Both these southpaws just kept on exchanging blows, even in the clinch.

It's just like two orthodox fighters sluggin' out. 

In the next couple of rounds, we see Latimore smotherin' Quintana. But even with all the smotherin', Quintana was still givin' Latimore the ole' one-two's.

We see both guys throwin' their best combos so far in the mid-rounds. Latimore was blockin' heavy Quintana bombs, but got nailed still. Latimore had his hands full with all this Quintana trouble. He may be bothered by the cut on his left eye. Hence, his full hands. Then all of a sudden, Cotto appears.

Shouldn't you be in the locker room?

In the sixth round, Quintana just loaded up. Latimore got floored the fuck up with left hooks. He tried to stand up, but he couldn't. Quintana wins via K.O.!

Jesse Vargas VS Steve Forbes

Evander "The Real Deal" (according to the commentator) Holyfield in the house, old schoolers! Tommy Hearns, too, plus Sugar Ray. This place is packed tonight with legends!

If you would also consider him a legend.

In the first round, Vargas used his punching power over Forbes' vast experience. Steve still has that spring in his step. But it didn't match Vargas and his hangin' out in the Fountain of Youth.

Vargas just had first dibs on this, sorry!

The fight dragged on to the tenth round, with Vargas landing most of the shots. I actually kinda' dozed off during this fight because I wasn't really interested in its outcome. The fight ended in a boring decision win by Vargas.


Saul "Canelo" Alvarez VS "Sugar" Shane Mosley

This promising kiddo' is set out to destroy Sugar Daddy Shane. just as we've predicted, destroy him he did. The old man should just hang it up by now.

Bye, bitches!

Sugar Shane though still showed his speed that he showed in the last couple of fights. But they were just a bunch of shoe-shine punches. Just enough to gently stroke a fly without it flyin' away because it saw you comin'. But he still put up a valiant effort. He just came up too short.

Sometimes it's okay to be valiant if you don't want to breathe through your nose.

In the end, we hear Canelo callin' out Mayweather, Cotto, and Pacquiao.

Don't you think it's wee bit too early, li'l fella?

Floyd "Money" Mayweather VS Miguel Cotto

The main event ladies and gentlemen! The much awaited shit. It's what I fuckin' came for. To hell with all the other fights!

The first couple of rounds were just "toying" time for Floyd.

Cotto in Money's eyes during the first few rounds.

Floyd was just too fast and too technical for Cotto. But his speed decline has reared a bit of its impressively ugly head. So he compensated for it I guess by planting his feet and making it a hitting match. This was well compensated for because Floyd's a goddamn excellent counter-puncher. Plus the fact that his punches have enough power to make your brain swim in cerebral fluid and bump the walls of your inner skull. So there's really no compromise on Floyd's part. Just a lot of blood.

Floyd hasn't tasted this yet 'til now.

Too bad Cotto was a step or two slower. I'm afraid Pacman too could possibly not catch up with Floyd's speed.

Pacman VS Money

But with Pacman's superior footwork, I know that he could close the distance easily.

Add to the fact that Father Time just texted Floyd.

Just as I predicted, the fight ended in a decision. It was not even close. Cotto just won a single round, maybe two. But the other round was just a giveaway while Money was recovering from fatigue because of Cotto's punches.

There were a couple of instances wherein Cotto seemed to have hurt Money. But even with blood, Money was just shakin' his head, as if tellin' the Puerto Rican Hall of Famer that his punches were sissy-punches.

It's like when I see a mosquito suckin' my blood; I just shake my head.

If you would use boxing math, Pacman could win against Money because he destroyed Cotto more than Mayweather did. The big question is, can Manny catch up? Floyd's as quick as a vampire. But he showed it here in Ring Kings that he could plant his feet and trade punches. Could Money take Pac's punches? The whole universe is awaiting the answer to that. Make it happen, Arum!

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