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Everybody's Fine

This movie made me cry. And not just watery-eyed crying. I mean like real, non-stop sobbing crying. Like a sissy.

And because it made me cry, it means it's good. I cried toward the last part. And it takes a lot to make me cry. And since this film succeeded in doing that, it means that the storytelling was damn effective. It built up everything from the beginning, then continued to sustain the emotion, then in the end─boom!─let the tears fall down. Beautiful.

Robert De Niro does a great performance, simply because he didn't act like a tough gangster, which is the character that he can't seem to shake off. Well, he's growing old, and he's talented, so give him a break. He pulled off the lonely American parent perfectly. All I could do was feel sorry for him, and for American parents in general. Filipino parents have it waaaay better.

Kate Beckinsale is still hot. Although I think she's looking more and more anorexic. But she's still hot. And she didn't get enough screen time for me to soak in her hotness.

Sam Rockwell, I haven't seen you in a long time. And I have a feeling you'll be making a comeback.

Drew Barrymore, you're still cute. That's all I can say. And you're acting wasn't bad.

So if you watch this, and you find yourself crying, and someone asks you why you're crying, just answer, "I'm fine. Everybody's fine."

(The line above is an example of how NOT to end a review. I just forced it. So there.)

*some info from IMDb
pic from chicagomaroon.com

Everybody's Fine
. USA. 2009 (2010 Philippines).

Original rating: Eight out of ten.
Tear-jerker scene: Plus point two.
Kate Beckinsale's hotness: Plus point three.
Kate Beckinsale's anorexia: Minus point one.
Final rating: Eight point four out of ten.


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