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Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Two words: Too tame (or lame?). This rom-com had more faith in their actors than in their story, but their story really needed that extra oomph for their actors to click.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? is a story about a separated New Yorker couple Meryl (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Paul Morgan (Hugh Grant) who witnessed a crime and had to be placed in the witness protection program. As a hitman tracks them down, they are sent to the far-flung—and designer stores-slash-wifi-deprived—town of Ray, Wyoming to be safe. During their hiatus, they give themselves a well-deserved break from the busy city and focus on what really needs work: their relationship.

Hugh Grant is really charming, but I'm afraid he's been chained into doing this kind of role far too many times. SJP is effortless in playing a New Yorker; not much challenge there. Together, they don't really mesh to bring about laughs. And the part where they are being "hunted" didn't even make me sit up and pay attention to the suspense.

This is the only part I found funny, even just for a bit: "I promise never to take you for granted or utter a word unkind / Never allow my affections to be recanted or stop marveling at your behind / To also marvel at your warmth, your wit, your refusal to condone animal slaughter / Your wisdom, your laugh, your inability to boil water / To be your best friend for the rest of my life and / To thank the God you're not sure about fooling you into being my wife."—delivered by Grant as "the leading man character," in almost each and every rom-com he played since.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? gets three out of ten, because predictable happy endings suck for movies in general... but in life, it’s most welcome.

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