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The Vampire Diaries. Season 1, Episode 17: Let the Right One In

One of the series' back-to-vampire basics episode. Throw in a storm, torture, ghosts of the Christmas past, and the I-trust-that-you-won't-suck-the-bejesus-blood-out-of-me scene. Here I got really tired of the Caroline subplot, though she had grown to be my favorite character. I guess I just have a thing for characters who the writer's disregard. I swear, if they're not setting her up for some great character change (like turning into a master villain or something), I'll have to stake someone. Secondly, Stefan. I can't believe I'm saying this but you're really turning out to be a hero I can actually sympathize with. Not some cardboard hero who exists to make your evil vampire brother look cool. And speaking of that, I realized Damon is cute because he has Jack Sparrow-like mannerisms. But I wonder why I still keep getting surprised every time he suddenly kills someone. I guess the actor is pretty effective since the audience is supposed to be confused between liking and unliking him, with him being all psychopath yet hot. And oh, lastly, a quick Google will show that this might be some sort of a tribute to a film of the same title as this episode. I wouldn't know, I haven't watched it.


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