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It's Complicated

Nobody likes love triangles. Two's company, and three's a crowd, as the saying goes.

The title, I believe, was popularized by the relationship status found in social networking sites. And for that, we thank you, Friendster, even if you're already dead.

Okay, since this is a love triangle, I shall just discuss the three main players in this game called "adult relationships".

La Streep: I don't even have to keep saying it. In fact, I get tired of saying it over and over. Meryl Streep, you are one brilliant actress. You make acting so effortless. And you age ever so gracefully.

Steve Martin: This is the first time I've seen a subdued Steve Martin. I'm used to seeing him as a comic. I'd like to see more roles like this, though.

Alec Baldwin: You are simply too big to be allowed. And I hate your guts for playing an obnoxious ex. But that actually means your performance was effective.

Final three points: 1) I would really like to smoke whatever it is they smoked in this film. Looks like some pretty strong shit. 2) Caitlin Fitzgerald is pretty. She plays the eldest daughter. But she doesn't look pretty in her other pics on Google search. 3) And finally, hooray for women who do not go back to their exes. Especially the obnoxious, asshole, jerk type of an ex. 'Nuff said.

*some info from IMDb
pic from altfg.com

It's Complicated. USA. 2009 (2010 Philippines).

Original rating: Eight out of ten.
Alec Baldwin's hugeness: Minus one point.
Final rating: Seven out of ten.


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