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Remember Me

I walked into the theater assuming Remember Me was sorta a romantic-drama movie with brooding Edward...ooops...I meant a rebellious Tyler Hawkins (Rob Pattinson) and college-mate Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) with a you-and-me-agaisnt-the-world kind of theme. Well, a part of it is, and its all-too-familiarity kind of works for the two lead characters. But it's more about a family's love story and the little things that contribute to life and its majesty.

I couldn't say which scene I loved the most; it's a hodgepodge of many. I get the fathers' characters in this movie: Hawkins’ dad (Pierce Brosnan) is a big-shot executive with an office with a view who is trying to give his family the best money can buy, while Craig’s dad (Chris Cooper) is a police officer trying to keep his family safe. Both characteristics I've seen in the flesh. And you can criticize both, but it will never take away their good intentions. Brotherly love is something I know of, having two elder brothers, and it's shown here in such great proportions. Caroline (Tyler's younger sister) is a very fortunate little girl.

A few minutes before the film ends, I was shocked by a twist just as things were falling right into place. Had it been presented with much more bang, it would have been too "shoved up" or "spoon-fed." But the way it was executed was to make the audience realize it was subtle yet strong, making Remember Me a bigger-than-life story than it may seem. Scream all you want, bite-me fans, but in this movie, RPattz is just one of the pieces on a chess board.

"I would say that our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we've touched," Tyler said. And it holds true to both the living and the dead.

Remember Me gets seven out of ten, for all of the above but especially for the larger-than-life twist.

Postscript: Both dads' acting rock, by the way. And Pattinson, well, I know you can do more than brood in front of a cam; it's just that Twilight stigma I can't shake off. Darn.

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