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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Vampire Diaries. Season 3. Episode 21: "Before Sunset"

Can't kill Klaus, oh just stop his heart.

I wonder why they never thought of this ritual since Abby told Bonnie about the spell. Anyway, the big bad villain of Season 2 is finally put down, without worry if our resident vampires are from his blood line. Would Rebekah, Kol, or Elijah seek revenge for their hybrid brother? I don't think so, although it would be nice to see Elijah again. Would the gang do the same thing to put down Vampire "Alaric" Hunter? Honestly, I'm not sure this is a big step to having Klaus as a villain, but I think he would give our gang enough trouble by exposing every vampire, werewolf, or hybrid and any one connected to one.

Team Salvatore needs to get over "Who's Elena going to choose?" for now.

*screencaps by VLC

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