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Micro: The Originals. Episode 5: "Sinners and Saints"

It's complicated.

It's time for a twist, and so comes the reveal of the backstory of "a witch in New Orleans is conspiring against Klaus..."—and we find out (through stories and flashbacks) that it's really about the witches' harvest and reaping ceremony, and how that all that ties to Marcel and the vampires, and also to Father Kieran and his niece and nephew, Cami and her twin brother. And not too long ago, I should add; just eight months prior.

Sophie got to enjoy a little of the bad boy.

This is still a story about The Originals, right?

In one whole episode, they've deflected the audience's attention to the vampires and witches war—and maybe some werewolves out in the Bayou will surface, too (Please, no Tyler in this show!). Humans are merely pawns to them.

Witches still "dress" to impress on special occasions.

And also, Davina isn't just the bratty teenage witch we inferred. Marcel isn't as high and mighty before as he is now—and that Sophie isn't really the good girl. The Originals, just like its parent show The Vampire Diaries, blurred the lines of good and evil, too.

Like the parent show, there is a lot of death, too.

On that note, I've been counting the episodes until they say "baby mama" on this show, and I didn't have to wait very long. I'm hoping for more good things out of the new BFF bitches Rebekah and Haley.

I do hope (against their nature) that they'll stay BFFs. 

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