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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 6: "Handle With Care"

You've got to be kidding me.

Good fucking gracious! Nina Dobrev is playing three doppelgangers now—one a little bitchier than the other and the next one. The original one, Amarra, is a bit more gutsy, though, because of her overwhelming desire to be human and to die. She's a little croo-croo though. Props to Nina!

Best one-liner episode so far, too. 

The little twist in this episode is that Amarra is the anchor Silas needs to destroy in order to desttoy the supernatural limbo. Only she's his one true love (I am sick and tired of hearing this phrase, FYI) so he maybe couldn't do it. Only if he's had a chance, because she slit his throat to be able to drink the cure and be human again. So now Silas is a mortal witch and is MIA, and Amarra is human and very easy to kill—if she dies, the supernatural purgatory, where Bonnie is, will also cease to exist. Ergo, no more BFF and resident witch.

With me so far? 

Okay, never you mind that. Stefan's memory is back now. Too bad. I liked the new Stefan. Tessa thinks she can make an ally out of him, even if she conveniently doesn't answer all of Stefan's questions. Tessa, like what she did before, is going against destiny, which for her—who actually believes it and has watched every version of Silas and Amarra find and love each other through centuries—is actually being desperate.

Have you learned nothing from 2,000 years ago?

Back on campus, well, Katherine is having symptoms of advanced aging, and making all kinds of trouble for Elena. And three words: The Augustine Vampire. I guess we'll have a new big bad soon.

Tabletop. Hmmm.

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