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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 5: "Monster's Ball"

James Dean, I get. Henry VIII... um, maybe just for the man-cleavage.

Yes, they also have those kinds of parties in that college. Har.

So, Silas is human/witch now? Did he really need to drink all of the cure (Katherine's blood) to be human again? But Elena survived Klaus in Season 2, so I'm not surprised Katherine made it through Silas. I wonder if another Stefan/Silas look-a-like shows up before the season ends. Please don't tell me Aaron (the new college guy, who's not too hot, but mysterious and cryptic) has a doppelganger, too.

"My bad taste in men has affected my choice of jewelry."

I've entertained the idea that Nadia could be related to Katherine, but as to where this story arc is going, I have no idea. Frankly, I'm not too focused on that right now. There's just too much backstory on the doppelgangers, so will somebody please make a timeline?

Real vamps won't even bother with a gun.

What I strongly like about the episode is Caroline and Tyler's breakup. It felt so... final—and I'm happy for Caroline for that. I never liked Tyler for her—and he has already left her one too many times. I also do not like Tyler crossing over to The Originals. Wolf, puh-lease. He's annoying in this show; he'll be more annoying than Marcel in The Originals.

Boohoo, no one wants you.

I bet, even after Creepy Professor's warning and unsolicited advice to drop out, that Elena will stay in college and figure out this whole college B-plot. She's stubborn that way, and she's too much of a meddler to stop herself.

She goes running into danger every time.

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