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Micro: The Vampire Diaries. Season 5. Episode 4: "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Something tells me Bonnie's not going to stay dead for long.

This show really does funerals so well that they can just pull it off even without having a body to bury. Kidding aside, this is Bonnie's funeral, as the gang discovers her fate after she brings Jeremy back to life. Please do not make Jeremy her translator all throughout the season!

Even with Tyler, the gang's getting smaller. And where's Stefan? 

He has already tried to kiss her. I am not surprised.

I quite like the new Stefan—not at all brooding (okay, maybe just a little bit brooding) and not full-on martyr when it comes to relationships. His reactions to finding out that his ex-girlfriend is now his brother's girlfriend─and everything else in between─is more apt, I guess. Plus, Stefan's friendship with Caroline, who's more or less taking over Lexi's BFF role now, is a good thing.

Learn from it. Anyone new to Mystic Falls is in danger.

Speaking of Caroline, I like her scene with Jesse (new hot college black dude) at the cemetery, having a picnic and discussing... science, like microbiology or something. Oh, and Jesse's a vampire now, thanks to Creepy Professor's vampire experiment.

P.S. Matt's kinda hotter with an accent.

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