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Review: Man of Steel


Does the human race really need another Superman movie? Considering that the last Superman film came out in 2005, and the Dark Knight trilogy has become the most successful cinematic adaptation of a comic book in history, then the answer would be a resounding YES. So here are five reasons why Man of Steel may have just saved the Superman franchise.

"I wasn't aware the franchise needed saving."

Homage to the old Superman films
Particularly, the first two Richard Donner films. There's General Zod, played convincingly by Michael Shannon, along with his two Kryptonian goons (one female, one giant). They changed the names of the goons here, though.

"Where's the ridiculously tall Kryptonian?"

Planet Krypton
More Krypton scenes mean Jor-El screen time, and only Russell Crowe can make the special effects-laden scenes bearable. Who'd want to watch Krypton blowing up, anyway? And the Kryptonian wildlife looks scary.

Mrs. Jor-El is kind of hot.

Gritty reboot
And I mean that literally. This was shot on old school film stock, and you can see how grainy the images look compared to high-definition digital video. You can particularly see the grit on the faces of Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. And that's because of…

Not visible: Grit.

Christopher Nolan
Yes, Christopher "Mr. Gritty Reboot" Nolan is a producer on this film, and he co-wrote the story with David S. Goyer (who also co-wrote the stories for Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy). And the Goyer-Nolan tandem is sure to add…

"Not sure if I'm writing the sequel. Lol"

Yes, this film follows the Dark Knight mold of having realistic, relatable characters. That's if you're willing to suspend disbelief throughout this film's fight scenes.

"Death, damage, and destruction? Put it on my tab."

Man of Steel. USA. 2013.

Original rating: 7.7 / 10
Cinematography: + 0.05
Zack Snyder's directing: + 0.1
Henry Cavill's body: + 0.05
Amy Adams's previously unnoticed hotness: + 0.1
Russell Crowe: + 0.2
Antje Traue: + 0.05
Ayelet Zurer: + 0.05
Laurence Fishburne and Harry Lennix having a Matrix reunion: + 0.05
Final rating: 8.35 / 10

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Man Supes is sure lookin' at a huge tab right there. Smallville virtually destroyed plus chunks of metropolis,12million dollar satellite. Looks like Superman is more of a liability.

Hahaha! Damn right!

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