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Elementary. Episode 22: "Risk Management"


I don't know much about the double-episode format. What's that, you ask? It's basically one story broken down into two episodes, with the first episode ending in a cliffhanger to the next one.

Meanwhile, between episodes, you can go play soccer football.

Though, I've seen it used extensively in Doctor Who, I don't see this much in American television. The type of shows that usually use double episodes are procedurals, to build up a mysterious bad guy or something like that. Hey, wait… isn't this a procedural?

"I don't know, Watson. Now, do you mind? I'm brushing my teeth."

So last episode ended with a phone call with Moriarty's voice. So of course we're expecting Moriarty, right? Sorry. Maybe next episode.

"Where the hell are you looking, Watson?"

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