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Elementary Season Finale, a.k.a. Episodes 23: "The Woman" and 24: "Heroine"


As is typical of most American television shows, Elementary stretches its season finale over two episodes.

Well, at least we get more Natalie Dormer.

On one hand, this gives the viewers twice of the show in one sitting. But on the other hand, it is technically a cheat move, since great finales are measured in their impact and not in their running time.

"I got a letter from Steven Moffat saying we should cut this shit out!"

So the big twist here is that Irene Adler is still alive, played by the strangely sexy Ms. Natalie Dormer. But the M. Night Shyamalan-inspired twist here is… surprise… Moriarty (possibly history's first supervillain) is actually Irene Adler. If you saw that coming, you're lying.

"Wanna go on a date with me next season, Watson?"

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