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Doctor Who. Series 7, Episode 12: "The Name of the Doctor"


And in this series* finale, Steven Moffat finally resolves the mystery of the Impossible Girl, a.k.a. Clara Oswald.

Clara Oswald and the First Doctor showing us what a proper TARDIS looks like.

All throughout Series 7, Moffat had me thinking about that mystery, and I thought it would take until the next series to resolve. But he solved it in one episode, and frankly I didn't see it coming.

I bet you also didn't see this tombstone coming, did you?

Isn't this really meta? Steven Moffat rewriting the Doctor Who canon just to fit in Clara Oswald is very much like Clara Oswald rewriting the Doctor's timeline to save him. Good job, Moffat, tying everything neatly for the anniversary special in November.

Wait... what the hell, Moffat?

*"Season" to Americans.

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