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Game of Thrones. Season 3, Episode 8: "Second Sons"


We begin with one of the most unlikely duos in the saga: Arya Stark, and Sandor "The Hound" Clegane.

He could be the father she lost, and she the daughter he never had.

I guess they have some sort of affinity with each other, seeing that Arya is a wolf, and wolves are technically hounds, right?

Here's another unlikely female duo: a Lannister and a Tyrell. Spectacular bitchiness from Lena Headey, as usual.

Cersei Lannister thinking, "What the hell is she doing?"

And another unlikely, but very lovable duo, ties the knot.

Q: Why didn't they give Sansa Stark a backless gown?
A: Because she's fourteen.

But enough about duos. This episode is important because of this scene:

Not The Walking Dead.

Yes, that's a white walker. And yes, it can be killed. And we're all waiting for the final showdown. Meanwhile, click here for a topless Emilia Clarke.

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