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I've been told to watch Trance, because "It's a great mindfuck film, like Inception." Then I found out it's directed by Danny Boyle, so I said, "I'm watching this because it's Danny Boyle. Also, 'mindfuck' is not a film genre."

"How about 'brainfuck'?"

True, this film is a bit Inception-y, in that they're both heist films (now that is a proper genre). And like Inception, Trance deviates from the standard heist format by putting in the element of the supernatural – hypnosis.

"So... what part do I get to see your full frontal?"

Now let us discuss the elements of a Danny Boyle film, as seen in Trance (and his other films as well).

This film stars James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, and Rosario Dawson in the lead roles. And according to IMDb, this is all their first collaboration with Mr. Boyle.

Give him more American roles, Hollywood.

The reason for this is because Boyle loves directing non-linear screenplays, which is basically self-explanatory.

During filming, he's also a fan of non-linear hair.

The editing style in Danny Boyle's films can be described as something like "music video". His style in this regard is like Tony Scott's, but a bit more traditional. Good work, Jon Harris (who also edited 127 Hours)!

We're waiting for that full frontal, Ms. Dawson.

This is the most recognizable element of a Danny Boyle film – the score. For this film, it's no longer A.R. Rahman, but relative newcomer Rick Smith. I say "relative" because he's written tracks for previous Boyle films.

"Oy, Danny... any plans on using The Prodigy for your next film?"

So now that my Danny Boyle craving has been satisfied, let us all wait until 2014, when Christopher Nolan releases his next film Interstellar.

Trance. U.K. 2013.

Original rating: 8.0 / 10
Anthony Dod Mantle's Storaro-like cinematography: + 0.2
Rosario Dawson's full frontal nudity: + 0.05
Vincent Cassel's under-appreciated performance: + 0.05
James McAvoy's Scottish accent: + 0.05
Final rating: 8.35 / 10

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Non-linear hair... Brilliant!

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