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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 20: "The Originals"

"Finally, brother, we get our own show."

At last, we get to see the backdoor pilot of the spin-off entitled, well, The Originals. I can't say I hate it, nor do I love it. But I'm quite optimistic. I remember the The Vampire Diaries's first four to six episodes were slow and boring before the story picked up tempo and the dead bodies have been falling left and right almost every episode since.

"Let's take a rest first before we slaughter everyone."

You'd think she's a smart girl who'd use protection, right? 

I think it's a good enough idea: Klaus, Elijah, and Rebecca (after she's all done and bored with Matt in Mystic Falls) will come together (finally as a family?) to raise, care, and of course, protect a supernatural baby who's their own blood. Resist the urge to imagine a little fast-growing girl of the other vampire-werewolf universe, alright? Then try to imagine conflicting emotions and morals this supernatural baby would entail for our Originals.

His discipline style: "Behave, or─unless you'll be useful to me
or I'm busy with something else─I'll bite you."

One thing I know I hate about this episode/pilot is the actor who plays Marcel. I'm not going to even bother myself to google his name. He's over-the-top to the point of trying too hard, and I would have slashed his throat the minute he opened his big cocky mouth. Klaus has become less of a horrible monster and would rather stare than kill one of the gang for Caroline's favor, yes, but he still strikes terror once in a while. Therefore, it would be far less wimpy (for a lack of a better term) for Klaus to go back to his ruthless-as-ever self, especially to people who cross him─former proteges included. That said, I think the character Marcel himself needs a boost if he's supposedly "the villain to a villain" of this show.

Of course, a TVD spin-off wouldn't be complete without witches.
(Or, I would rather not post Marcel's photo here.)

See, there's also gypsy-kind(?)... all of them sadly and oddly afraid of vamps.

And there's also a beautiful new-in-town (human, I suppose) waitress
who wears the apron even after work hours.
(Wait, have you noticed there are more women than men? Tsk, tsk.)

But why would you root for a badass villain (or should I say "former villain"?) who's now going to be a protagonist daddy; that is, if they do decide to keep the baby? It's the gray areas of The Vampire Diaries that made the Original Hybrid likable; maybe the child would help him be a hero of some sort as his redeeming factor. Then there's always Elijah, who needs a better story/character arc than finding love and settling down. I'm excited, but also cautious.

He should also be careful not to put a dagger in Junior or stick him in a box for time-out.

I do hope Caroline will stop by and let Klaus show her around. Haley would be a nice regular cast only if she would be a rockin' mom to─what would it be, 3/4 werewolf-1/4 vampire, or 2/3 werewolf-1/3 vampire?─the baby.

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