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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 19: "Pictures of You"

Miss Bitch-Elena won't linger on any photograph.

The title is basically referring to the pictures of our gang at prom, where the theme is sort of a trip down memory lane because they're hoping to "kill" Bitch-Elena with  kindness and nostalgia. Others have other reasons, of course, like Rebecca's attempt as a human for a day, which she fails because of kindness.

Agree or Disagree: Matt is too naive to think humans are kind.
Agree or Disagree: Rebecca is a desperate brat.

Suits you, Elena; you seem to have forgotten how powerful Bonnie is now.

Events like prom in Mystic Falls usually bring such catastrophic loss of lives, but not this one (thank God, that would've been so predictable). But thanks to Bonnie's superpowers, Elena is in Salvatore detention for trying to kill her (and Caroline days or weeks before). The witch also earned a peek at Silas' real face. Did I  mention Silas now has the cure and Bonnie's word that she'll help him drop the veil to the other side?

Is that you, V for Vendetta guy?

Elijah isn't totally lost because he dumped Katherine after Klaus refused him his request to live happily ever after. Please, love all you can, Elijah, but pick someone else aside from your hybrid brother's five-century (wo)manhunt.

Just an excuse to include his photo.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.

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