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Re: Sa Wakas

Putting up a rock musical is always challenging. How do you weave a story with a set of pre-existing songs, some related and some perhaps not?

The Sugarfree rock musical Sa Wakas offered feats of good plot-writing, but could've done more to improve on its characters.

The plot is in reverse chronological order. And this is brilliant because in a rom-com, which this is, people usually grow anticipation for who the lead character ends up with. Good job, Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan and Mariane Abuan.

The characters were realistic save for some details. Unless that doctor-girl character's parents were funding her, she wouldn't be able to support herself and her beau. My sister's in med school. I should know.

The lead character, a photographer, wears the same formal shirt. The other characters change clothes. How many photographers do you know wear Makati business-casual attire everyday?

The actors didn't help make the characters relatable either. Laura Cabochan kept enunciating her lines, which were meant to be natural.

My boyfriend also says they only used one song from the first album.

Some transitions were also hurried. Slow down. Savor the journey. We already know where you're headed.

Anyway, I'd say that Sa Wakas is definitely a start, pun intended, when it comes to rock musicals here.

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