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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Just like the Chosen One's final book that was split into two movies, this second installment of Breaking Dawn feels shorter and rushed compared to the slower-paced Breaking Dawn - Part 1. The movie was mostly truthful to the book, so that's not a good sign since it was the worst of the four.

If I haven't said it ever in my reviews of the previous films here, I will say it now:

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and her Internet
memes have some truth to them.
Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and his
roles far from his vampire alter-ego bode
well. No more brooding.
Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) is just
really bland.

The rest of the cast are watered-down versions of their characters's back-stories. But I really enjoyed what little scenes they had of Billy Burke, Michael Sheen, and Dakota Fanning. The new vampires are interesting, but with less screen time, it's hard to flesh them out; same goes for the wolves.

Wolves—plural—were less interesting this time, though.

When it comes to vampire sex scenes, The Vampire Diaries makes them so much better. Makeup improved only on some actors. Wolf transformation, fine. CGI baby is easy to spot, but okay. Action scenes were better than expected. If only the plot weighed in more on those...

...but the source material really had none of those.

To those who don't have any Twilight influence, good for you so don't start now. To those who have, watch this if only for the big climax (or should I say, anti-climax?). I'm curious as to what could happen or the consequences of that event. But let's not get carried away.

Let's never speak of it.

I'm glad it's finished. Any plans for a spin-off should be crushed immediately. We don't need to see how Jacob becomes Renesmee's lover. The scenes that showed all the characters should be a nice bid farewell or good riddance to the audience who loved and hated them.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 gets a six-point-five out of ten mainly for the big fight and for finally putting an end to tweens screaming "bite me" for a happy ending.

*all photos screencapped from the final trailer

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Unknown said...

I think the ending was the best though it was just a future glimpse of what could have happend. But overall I agree it was rushed but still not better than the other. now the next one though they say there aint gone be nomore gone probaly be called twilight begining with new actors just to keep it going where its a prequle {if i spelled that right} to show more in depth how the higher power vampires came to be.

And the characters teasing that they "changed something" factored into the surprise of that fight scene.

They have covered how the three red cloaks came to be, though just by Carlisle short story, in New Moon. It's not too interesting as a movie though. I think it's best to leave the four books/five films be. ;P

SMS said...

I haven't seen the movie..but i am almost sure it will be one of the worst movie in history of cinema considering the other parts of the series

I, too, didn't really expect that this last film would improve exponentially from the other four. I really just wanted to close the loop and get it done and over with. Haha. ;P

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