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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 5: "The Killer"

Please remember to wipe your bloody mouth after a feed or a kill.

Whoa! Elena's first kill is the very person with the tattoo that can help her dear Salvatore brothers find a cure for her. If only Jeremy would find out what his new invisible tat is, then he could volunteer to help. I'm not sure who would win the votes on the brothers' respective stands: Stephan doing his best to change Elena back to who she was (a human) or Damon accepting who she was and who she is now (a vampire). But it's very big-brotherly of Damon to help Stephan anyway.

"I don't do teen drama." 

Sorry, Caroline, but I'm loving Haley even more. And I'm thrilled that her thing with Tyler is not sexual or romantic. Professor Cutie is only helping Bonnie so he can use her witch powers for something fishy, count on that. Klaus would retaliate for sure, too. And so we're back to the old pattern of making a deal with Klaus, screwing him, and then making a deal again, and so forth?


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