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Elementary. Episode 5: "Lesser Evils"


This episode begins with some classic Sherlock Holmes taken straight out of the canon. I'm talking about the part where he works with cadavers, hitting them to study post-mortem bruising behavior.

Yes, it's not what it looks like.

And because of this time spent in the morgue, he comes across something strange on one of the bodies, and this leads him to investigate an "angel of death" prowling the hospital, committing murder in the guise of euthanasia. Sherlock just stumbles onto this case by accident. At first I thought it was just lazy writing, but then I thought Sherlock's just like that.

It's great to see a bit of Joan Watson in her element. Yes, I know she's a disgraced doctor, but she is after all based on a character who is actually a doctor, and whose medical expertise has helped Sherlock Holmes in more than one case. Joan Watson's character deserves to be more than just a sober companion.

"You can stop with the sexual 'companion' jokes right there."

Also, some familiar faces in this episode. There's David Harbour, who you might recognize as Elliot Hirsch from The Newsroom. Then there's David Costabile, who you might recognize as Daniel Hardman from Suits and the chemist Gale from Breaking Bad.

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