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Elementary. Episode 6: "Flight Risk"


Viewers are in for a treat this episode, as we see Sherlock investigate a plane crash, and a brief glimpse of Lucy Liu's legs.

Not that great, though.

Another thing that this episode promises is to show us a glimpse of Sherlock's personal life ─ more specifically, his father. Thing is, his father never shows his mug in the entire episode, giving truth to Sherlock's description of him as a "serial absentee".

That's not Mr. Holmes.
That's Robert Angier's lawyer in The Prestige.

But although we are given a sort of "preview" of the Holmes family dynamics, something tells me that we are not going to see any of sign of Sherlock's brother Mycroft any time soon. Please, CBS. Give us Mycroft. And don't let it be Ricky Gervais.

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