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Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


Two words: Ewan McGregor... Emily Blunt... Wait, that's four words.

Look at them, so happy at the premiere somewhere.  (LAtmes.com)
Yes, I'm name-dropping two of the best non-American actors—not to mention, very beautiful people—today. And they've earned their iconic moments and characters.

Okay, this is the real title card. (Comedy.co.uk)

Salmon Fishin in the Yemen is a story about an ambitious project of a sheik to transport British salmon to... well, Yemen. His hobby is fishing and he aims to build the industry for his countrymen. Harriet (Blunt) is part of the company that contacted Dr. Alfred (McGregor), a fishing expert (I guess there is such a thing in Britain), to help the sheik's project be a success.

He designs fishing baits and even names them. (Guardian.co.uk)

Okay, that sounded really serious, but this is actually one of the films where I appreciated British humor (and that's not the Ricky Gervais kind). It's sweet but sarcastic and funny.

I didn't know he had a knack for drawing. (MoldyChum.com)

Beyond that, watching this film brings a peaceful vibe. There are no big special effects or a majestic soundtrack ─ just positive all around. I know that sounds boring but it's worth two hours of downtime. It would have been nice if they've kept up the fun British sarcasm until the end of the film—and maybe did better makeup for Emily Blunt. But I'm not complaining.

Well, yes, I kind of am. (FlossieonFilm.wordpress.com)

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen gets a six-point-nine out of ten, for being a beautiful positive film, and just that.


Emily Blunt... Ewan McGregor... that's four words. Hehe.

Pffft. Okay. "Four words" or "Two names". You should've edited it. Do it. Hehe.

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