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If you want to talk action, then Bruce Willis is always in the mix. After all, he's the only person who can play John McClane of the Die Hard series. And he isn't in The Expendables just because he's being pretty.

Not the very best hairstyle, admittedly.

Joseph Gordon Levitt isn't a newbie too, since 10 Things I Hate About You and just recently with 500 Days of Summer. And then Inception; now he's Robin. And he sings and plays the guitar. Swoon.

Don't mind his prosthetic nose.

The film wouldn't be complete without eye candy for the XYs with Emily Blunt. Minus the British accent and the celebrity glam makeup, it will garner less jack-offs, but a topless Piper Perabo had that covered.

I wonder if her showing side boob would've made a difference.

But if you want to talk time travel, then I'm not sure how Looper would measure up.

Loopers are hired assassins who dispose of men sent back by their bosses from 30 years in the future. If you get to kill your older self to cover your boss's tails (see, time travel is outlawed in the future), then you have three decades to enjoy life.

Take bad boy Will McAvoy's (Jeff Daniels) advice.

If somehow a looper doesn't or can't kill his future self? We see what happens to stupid sentimental Seth (Paul Dano). If you're clever like Joe (Gordon Levitt), then you discover with time travel, life is one big loop. Get it?

This "Rainmaker" kid (Pierce Gagnon) is the main reason why I love this movie.
You may have a future, kid. Stay away from horror movies if you can.
And Lindsay Lohan and other child-stars-gone-bad.

The film doesn't like to talk time travel, but talk is almost everything that time travel is in this movie. Maybe my expectations were too high. Or I just expected a good balance of action and sci-fi time travel.

Looper gets a seven out of ten, for the love of all the actors and little actor mentioned above, but leaving my thirst for wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey unquenched.

*all photos screencapped via VLC


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