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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 4: "The Five"

The tat being a map is a nice touch.

A cure for vampirism? Now, that's more interesting than the greater-evil-coming arc. Stephan and Rebekah already weighed in on whether they'd want to be cured of their thirst for blood and also lose their heightened senses and immortality, kind of like in one of the X-Men movies. Up for some thought, too, is if they could live with and live past their vampire deeds, which most definitely involved hurting and/or killing someone or something. I would very much like it if Elena refuses the cure just so Klaus couldn't make any more hybrids. That would be some sacrifice.

Such a cutie to be evil? Probably evil.

Interesting character, this new professor Bonnie met to get Gram's stuff from the college where she used to teach. One question answered; he seems to be the one who sent the one-of-the-five vampire hunter to Mystic Falls. Something's telling me this mysterious professor is connected with the greater evil. Hmm.

Elena is a boring vampire. I miss Katherine.

Elena,who's a special vampire that needs to drink from the vein, already knows how to feed and not kill, thanks to Damon. They look so comfy and cute, all bloody and dancing. I hope the first vampire sex Elena has is with Damon, but I think the writers are just always such a tease when it comes to that love triangle.


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