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The Book of Eli

Okay, if this is a screwed-up, post-apocalyptic scenario, why do they have really cool shades? Gary Oldman made me a fan of wayfarers. Well, also Bradley Cooper from The A-Team. But I don't know if they were the real deal Ray-Ban Wayfarers or just sunglasses of similar design. But this is not a review of sunglasses.

Denzel can do his own stunts. Hooray. And a scruffy-looking Denzel looks cooler.

Gary Oldman is in my Acting Hall of Fame. So I don't even have to explain anything.

Ray Stevenson is actually a great actor. Although he makes a really good sidekick, I'm sure that he would make a really great lead.

And that's it. Not really a fast-paced flick, but it'll keep you entertained nonetheless.

*some info from IMDb
pic from filmofilia.com

The Book of Eli. 2010. USA.

Rating: Six and half out of ten.
Everyone's sunglasses: Nine out of ten.


Who says this isn't a review of sunglasses? :P

What if...mag-sell out tayo...nang bongga...and do a review of Ray-Ban sunglasses...and get free Wayfarers in return? Hehehe. (Please God, please.)

Gawa na lang tayo ng Youtube channel na may fashion reviews LOL.

Pwede 'yan. Kaso kikita ba tayo diyan? Kung oo, e 'di go. Hehe.

Free products, malamang.

Okay, basta gusto ko parang ako si Bruno. Hehe.

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