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Toy Story 3. 3D

Honestly, I find it awkward saying the title of this film. Toy Story Three Three Dee. That's two "three"s in a row. I think it's okay to just say Toy Story 3D. Because this is the only 3D film in the Toy Story trilogy anyway. That is, of course, excluding the Toy Story and Toy Story 2 re-release in 3D, which I failed to watch. That's two movies for the price of one, and I missed it. Drat.

Pixar has definitely proven that not all sequels are money-making ventures. You can make a sequel without coming off as too money-hungry, as long as the story is well-written, and the characters have been missed. And I'm sure everyone's missed Andy's toys. This is eleven years after Toy Story 2. Some things haven't changed, like the inscription on Woody's foot, which hasn't faded. But a lot of things have changed. Bo Peep's gone, plus some other toys. Andy's grown up, and so has his sister Molly (that drooling baby from Toy Story 2). Slinky is now voiced by Blake Clark, close friend of Jim Varney, the original voice of Slinky, who died in 2000. Of course, the animation has improved a whole lot since the first Toy Story, but no one notices those things anymore, as computer animated films are commonplace nowadays.

And I've heard from a lot of people on Facebook that this film was a tearjerker. I was kind of expecting my eyes to get wet. But I eventually cried a lot that the person beside me in the cinema gave me a strange look when he heard me sniffling. And I also learned that crying in 3D blurs your vision through the glasses.

A lot of the new toys were really adorable. I don't know if the Spanish-speaking Buzz can be considered a new toy, but he was just pure corazon. Lotso the bear would've been really cute, and he smells of strawberries. But he's evil. I loved the porcupine Mr. Pricklepants. And I just found out he was voiced by Timothy Dalton. I just have one question, though. Was that a Studio Ghibli character among Bonnie's toys?

A fitting ending to the Toy Story franchise. But about the tear-jerker thing...it's only the adults who will be crying. The children won't be, because the crying only works with nostalgia. Only those who grew up with Woody and Buzz will find themselves teary-eyed by the time they leave the theater.

*some info from IMDb
pic from filmofilia.com

Toy Story 3. USA. 2010.

Rating: Eight and a half out of ten.


Claire said...

Stupid work. You beat me to it. I wanted to review Toy Story! Hahahaha! And yes, you're right about the adults crying. :D And I really love Buttercup! ^^ I actually give it a 10. It's just so... perfect. I mean I'm sure it's for us "older" people anyway. :P Heeee. :)

Go, write your review, idagdag natin sa post para two reviews. Hehe. Dali!

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