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The Karate Kid (2010)

Also known as The Kung Fu Kid in China, South Korea and Japan, the film makes a clear distinction between Karate and Kung Fu. Blame the weird title on branding.

Some shots feel like a car commercial. Is this because the Chinese government is said to have sponsored this film? A good chunk of the movie is about this, which makes for a little boredom.

Jaden Smith has his mom's face and his dad's humor. And he can take on a dramatic scene too. "We moved to China. That's what happened." Though, there are moments when you realize that he's only 12 and he has a long way to go.

I've never really been a fan of the Jackie Chan-Hollywood combination, but Jackie Chan was good here. Props to Christopher Murphey and Robert Mark Kamen for a writing a script worthy of Jackie Chan.

Tarajie P. Henson is a hot mom.
Also, Wikipedia says Michelle Yeoh played that Kung Fu master who was balancing on a cliff with a cobra. Didn't look her, though.

Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) meets an American kid right when he gets off their car to their new apartment in Beijing. Where was that kid for the rest of the movie?

So yeah, for the branding and for what didn't happen to Kung Fu kid's supposed American best friend in China, and for the boring bits, I give this a 7 /10.


The American kid was there the first time Dre got into a fight with and he was there at the tournament at the end of the movie (cheering Dre on of course). ^_^

Yeah but he stopped speaking and playing an actual part after Dre said "Leave me alone!"

Why didn't he tell Mrs. Parker they only wear uniform on uniform day? :P

They didn't go to the same school. They just lived in the same apartment building. Heeheehee.

Oh haha o well. "Leave me alone!"

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