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Sex and The City 2

If you're female, biologically or by heart, you'd never want to miss this movie even if you've read semi-bad reviews about it because it's Sex and the City! So that's what I did; I gathered the girlfriends for a night with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

Sex and the City 2 (SATC2) catches up with the girls two years after Carrie (Sarah Jessica Park) got married, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) got her marriage back on track, Charlotte (Kristin Davis) gave birth to her second daughter, and Samantha (Kim Cattrall) was back in New York after calling it quits with her guy in L.A. They all got their own new conflicts in their lives: Carrie is worried that her childless marriage will bore them to death; Miranda is losing her voice as a senior partner at the law firm; Charlotte is so stressed about motherhood and a big-boobs-nanny makes her paranoid; and Samantha is "fifty-fucking-two" and going through menopause. The solution: A week-long vacation in Abu Dhabi.

I love the
SATC episodes, seasons, and the first movie for their smack on portrayal of real people, relationships, and fashion. All girls would have related to one or more characters at one point or another watching it. And I love that the characters have grown throughout the seasons. Each character’s storyline could have been given more screen time for resolving their conflicts. But I guess when you’ve had your time with the girls, you get a lot of insight to go on and end on a positive note (Or we might have a repeat of the first movie's over-extended running time.)

When it comes to fashion,
SATC2 went a little over the top though. Some are wearable (read: classy, comfy, stylish, and sexy), but some are too runway-ish. And I can’t believe they changed clothes for almost every scene, and sported a different ‘do at that, too. It's a little exhausting to the eye for me (I'm not much of a fashionista, sorry). I wonder how all those dresses fit in their luggage to Abu Dhabi?! And how did they manage the time and effort to tease and curl their own hair after having it in a clean French twist just a while ago?

Anyway, everybody (even the men) seems to age pretty gracefully on and off screen. These girls have lived and breathed their characters for a long time now and they played the
SATC girls pretty spot on. I love all of them and their characters, but I’d have to give props to Kim Catrall. I bet Samantha is really a blast to play. And at one point in the movie when she said, “We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, doesn't matter. We are soul mates,” SATC2 still hits the bull’s eye. It's like we've been girlfriends with them through the years, too!

Sex and the City 2 gets six out of ten, for staying true to girlfriend ties, though coupled with outrageous fashion and contrived endings.

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