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Never mind that it's Katherine Heigl. It's Ashton Kutcher. And it's an action-comedy. So, why not? Or let's find out why not.

Killers is a film about perfect-guy spy-hitman Spencer Aimes' (Kutcher) love-bubble romance with Jen Kornfeldt (Heigl), then a recently-single girl on vacation with her parents in a French paradise. After quitting his spy-hitman job, three years of married bliss, his own business, and naked Saturdays, his former boss wants him to kill again. His friends, neighbors, and co-workers turn out to be undercover killers wanting to cash in the $20-million bounty on his head! Wife finds out about Husband's dark past and present; love bubble bursts and chaos begins.

It's only "kind of trying" to be Mr. and Mrs. Smith yet still different. I think the movie has a decent plot premise to begin with until they get to the part where they resolve its conflicts. I was kinda hoping for a lot of action and laughs, and there are a number of them. But I think it fell short because of how the story ended. Being the feel-good flick that it is, you may still actually enjoy it.

It was different but good to see Kutcher play a really cool spy-hitman perfect guy, though I terribly miss his wacky side. He could have taken the James Bond character and added a little dash of Punk'd to it—that would have been a more awesome Spencer Aimes. Heigl, in my opinion, is only funny playing an uptight-and-then-loosens-up girl, which is practically what almost all her roles have been (Haller. Knocked Up, 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth?!) I'm not sure she'll be as funny given other roles. Allow me to mention the actors who played Jen's parents who both held their own comedic moments, Tom Selleck and especially Catherine O'Hara. I love that alcoholic woman! Haha.

Killers gets a six out of ten, for Ashton Kutcher, Catherine O'Hara, what else? Oh, a weak twist-slash-ending to an otherwise interesting plot.

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