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The A-Team

I am ashamed to admit that I do have vague memories of the 80s A-Team show. That means I am old.

Anyway, my favorite back then was Murdock. And my favorite in this version is still Murdock. Because he can speak Swahili. And because he did that Braveheart thing.

Director Joe Carnahan did a great job. The pacing was adrenaline-pumping perfect, and there is no shortage of explosions.

Jessica Biel has never been my type. Sorry. Well, naked, maybe. But otherwise, no.

Girls might be disappointed though that Bradley Cooper bares his body for like a minute or two. Well, this is The A-Team, not a Bradley Cooper porno, so stop whining.

Rampage Jackson might not have gotten Mr. T's BA Baracus down pat, but at least he had no pretensions. It wasn't like he was trying to be Mr. T. I guess he knew that he couldn't be Mr. T. So he decided to just be Rampage.

Liam Neeson might look like Hannibal Smith. But he still acts like Liam Neeson. Just imagine Qui-Gon Jinn with short white hair and a cigar. Neeson belongs to those actors who have only one acting style. Maybe I should devote a separate post on this.

The two villains were pretty effective. The guy who played Lynch was really annoying. The guy who played Pike was despicable. So annoying + despicable = effective.

And again, Sharlto Copley as Murdock is this film's saving grace. Aside from the action sequences, of course.

*some info from IMDb
pic from api.ning.com

The A-Team. USA. 2010.

Rating: Eight out of ten.
Adrenaline rush: Nine out of ten.
Murdock's stunt flying: Nine out of ten.


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