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Paranormal Activity

Girl haunted by a demonic something since she was young and now has followed her in her new house with her macho shit boyfriend. The boyfriend keeps on playing with his video camera and saying stuff like "Nobody messes with my girlfriend" and "Fuck you demon thing." This leads to more bad things for the girl. The basic problem of the movie is not really the haunting, but the girl picking an asshole for a boyfriend. Also, the impromptu lines were really, really horrible.

It's The Exorcist meets The Blair Witch Project, except less scary and less dizzying.

I got to watch two of the three endings. Both of which were really pathetic. Not that it didn't hold promise, it was just really something that'd make me go, "That's all there is? I've watched her boyfriend be an idiot for more than an hour and this is how the demon ends it?"



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