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The Losers

A good action movie. But not great. Just good. Somehow everything after Kick-Ass is only good.

Now am I the only one who thinks that Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like a stockier Robert Downey, Jr.? But of course RDJ is a better actor, no question.

Zoe Saldana, you almost exposed your breasts. Almost. Well, you could've at least shown some side boob.

Surprisingly, they didn't play the race card for comic relief. It was white boy Chris Evans who stole the show. I actually LSS'd on "Don't Stop Believing." I don't know though if it was Arnel Pineda's version.

Sad to sy that the coolest character here, the Mexixcan sniper Cougar (not the hot old lady-cougar) had the fewest lines. I'm not sure though if he was Mexican, or whatever Latin American nationality. Either way, he didn't talk much.

And finally, Jason Patric was pure evil. Delightfully evil. Not as despicable as Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds, but a delight nonetheless. And his sidekick Wade looks like a Daniel Craig stunt double.

By the way, this is another flick based on a comic book. Sad, really, as the last original franchise I liked was The Matrix trilogy. There should be a movement on more original screenplays. And I shall spearhead that movement. If only I were in Hollywood.

*some info from IMDb
pic from clarkiep.wordpress.com

The Losers. USA. 2010.

Rating: Seven point one out of ten.


LOL at Daniel Craig stunt double!

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