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Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Surprisingly good for a B-Movie.

Well, I don't know if this was a B-Movie, because it had an A-List cast. Maybe it was an A-Movie trying to look like a B-Movie, because the story deserved a B-Movie treatment. And anyway, everybody loves vampires.

This is apparently based again on a series of books. Like Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Again, I mourn the lack of original cinematic material, but this movie was well-made enough to make me want to watch the sequels, if any.

The lead guy, Chris Massoglia, looked like a girl. He'd probably be hot if he was a girl.

John C. Reilly is one of my favorites. He's a great actor. I don't even have to explain anymore.

A bearded Salam Hayek just makes me shudder in disgust. Freak.

Ken Watanabe is so cute. Haha.

Willem Dafoe didn't spend enough screen time. I wish they gave him some action scenes. But I don't think he'd be capable of any decent action sequences at his age.

And Ray Stevenson was so great, he was almost unnoticeable. He almost slipped away unnoticed. This just goes to show how versatile Stevenson can be. Therefore, give him more movies.

*some info from IMDb
pic from mywifemademewatchthis.wordpress.com

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. USA. 2009.

Rating: Seven out of ten.


this movie felt like a really good pilot episode of a tv program. i liked it and then it suddenly ended.

I know right? Anyway, I'm sure there's a sequel to that.

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