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Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley

The great Robert Nesta Marley is known for three things: dreadlocks, ganja, and reggae. And you will find them all here in this book. Of course, it is reggae that gets the most coverage, because Bob Marley IS reggae.

If Bob Marley's life was the Star Wars saga, then his superstardom would be Episodes IV-VI. This book, however, would be the prequels, Episodes I-III. Author Christopher John Farley (that's right, his name rhymes with Marley) only chronicles Bob Marley's rise to international fame. For those of you who know nothing about Bob Marley the icon, then reading this book might just turn you on to his music. But for those of you who eat, drink, and breathe reggae music, this might disappoint you just a little bit. Just like how Darth Vader fans were disappointed with the Star Wars prequels.

*pic from harpercollins.com

Rating: Seven out of ten.


is it true that turn your lights down low was about his mistress and he recorded it with his wife (as back up vocals) with her knowing the fact? or is it another tv marketing chorva?

I'm not really sure that exact fact was mentioned in the book. It might have been. What I am sure of is 1) "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was about his mistres; 2) his wife sang back-up most of the time, but I'm not sure with this particular song; and 3) his wife knows about his mistress, definitely during the time that "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was recorded.

So I think it was probably mentioned in the book, but I just forgot about it. Hehe.

What TV marketing are you referring to, by the way?

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