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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 13: "Into The Wild"

This just merits a GIF.

Tyler is such a loser. Gloat to Klaus? Really? Just because he's holed up in the Gilbert living room? Hello?! Tyler endangered Caroline's life. There's one thing sure about war and that is even innocents and loved ones aren't spared. As much as Klaus is the one who chose to bite Caroline, I cannot blame him for trying to prove a point to Tyler through her, their common, er, "love". Besides, I knew he wouldn't let her die. (I hope she makes an appearance or two in The Originals, the spin-off that we now know has as its pilot this season's Episode 20).

Backstabbing with purpose is the norm; up to who stabs and gets stabbed.

I've almost had enough talk about who's taking the cure and why. At least Damon was true to himself about this whole discussion. Even Elena can't make him take the cure for her sake (read: not everything is about you, girl!). And her wanting a human life with him is clear proof that she's confusing the two Salvatore brothers. That's why even if I want her to be with Damon, she's really cut out for Stefan.

"Carton was here." Why didn't the whole gang sign their name? 

Shane is getting more clear-cut delusional. It's clear he's just a guy who's desperate to see his wife and child again. If his wife died of practicing expression, Bonnie might just have the same fate if she sticks with him any longer.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.

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Okay. Um, you're commenting this on a post discussing an episode halfway through Season 4, dear. Better late than never eh?—NOT! But thanks, anyway. ;P

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