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The 5 Best Live Performances of Bruno Mars's "Locked Out of Heaven"

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"Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars is my current favorite song. For seven straight days, I've listened to nothing else. I've had it on repeat on my music player. It basically sounds like an Andy Summers guitar riff, a Sting bass line, and a simple Stewart Copeland drumbeat if he ever ventured into the wonderful world of electronica. The damn song is so catchy that I couldn't get it out of my head. The only way to get rid of it is to saturate myself with this earworm until it dies a natural death.

This song should be in DJ Earworm's 2013 mash-up.

Thank God it did. But not before I've learned to play the entire thing on guitar (still haven't learned the bass line, though). And also not before I've seen every live Bruno Mars performance of this song on YouTube. So let me share with you now the five best live performances of “Locked Out of Heaven” as sung by the man touted as the next Michael Jackson. Blasphemy, you say? An affront to the memory of the King of Pop? Well, not quite, ladies and gentlemen, but you be the judge.

5. Live at the Graham Norton Show

It doesn't matter if they're in the States or in Europe, Bruno Mars and his band always perform like no other band does ─ while dancing. Watch the entire episode if you want to see the lovely Jessica Ennis, the female British athlete who could crush your head with her thighs.

4. Live in Paris

You've got to love the French, who apparently love watching concerts with their mobile phones. I just love how they sing along to "'Cause your sex takes me to paradise".

3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Notice how Bruno Mars doesn't seem to give a shit about any of the gorgeous models strutting around him. Well, I'm pretty sure the entire band got some backstage action after this gig.

2. Live on Sirius XM Hits1

When I tried playing this song on guitar, I thought it couldn't be done while singing, because of the odd strumming. But then I saw this video and thought okay, so it can be done. Damn you, Bruno Mars.

1. Grammy Awards 2013

My only argument as to how good this song is: Sting. We all know Sting as this high-brow musician who wouldn't be caught singing some pop tune at the Grammys. But he did. And I can only think of three reasons he did it. 1) He felt flattered that this song sounds like a Police tune; 2) he was paid a ridiculous amount of money (highly unlikely); or 3) this is just a damn good song. Also, it makes a great segue to "Walking on the Moon". Other celebrity fans of this song include Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick Harris, and Adele. There's also a Bob Marley tribute after, where you can enjoy Damien Marley's rap, Ziggy Marley's wailing, Rihanna's midriff, and Nicole Kidman's offbeat dancing.

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