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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 14: "Down The Rabbit Hole"

Goodbye, Jeremy. At least for now. 

And down the rabbit hole they go... and we say goodbye to the young Jeremy Gilbert, who I've always thought hasn't really achieved his real place on the show. He's been a pothead, a ghost whisperer, a hunter — it seems like the writers never knew what to make of him in the show if not Elena's brother; her one reason to be a sane vampire, to fight and keep him safe. Can Elena survive this?

How ironic is it that Jeremy wanted to find the cure for Elena?

I could say this is Katherine's fault, but the trip to find this cure is the real culprit. This is The Vampire Diaries and anyone can die any time. Sure, it was a shock that it was Jeremy, but who else is there left to kill? I think Katherine's involvement once again in the storyline is a welcome twist, and a good ploy to see if Nina Dobrev can pull off the two vampires-slash-doppelgangers's different personalities.

I must admit, I missed this bitch. 

Back at Mystic Falls, Klaus has given Tyler the mercy he doesn't deserve. I really don't understand why Caroline is wasting tears for this guy.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.

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