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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 15: "Stand by Me"

I would also like to be comforted by Damon, thank you.

This is the episode where Nina Dobrev proves that she's a good actress, maybe even outside The Vampire Diaries' Elena and Katherine. Being in denial up until finally accepting that Jeremy ─ her brother and only family ─ is dead, she did well. Matt also did a pretty good job helping Elena... and then breaking down in tears himself.

Bonnie is a full-fledged ticking time bomb now.

I hope Bonnie's strength and sanity overpowers her guilt of being powerless over Jeremy's fate. She really needs to snap out of Silas's grip (Silas who appears as Shane now). His ability to control what other people see or do is a pretty good start to being the most evil villain of all.

So now, after too much talk about the cure, we are back to the topic of turning off a vampire's humanity.

Cover-up story/Jeremy's burial: check.

Sue Denim still has issues with online anonymity.

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