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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 18: "American Gothic"

Pucker up, Elijah. I've missed you.

Oh, please. As much as I love seeing Elijah again, if all he's working at is a happily-ever-after with Katherine, somebody please just put him out of his misery now! Please, God, no, not with Katherine! Why does every boy get a hard-on with Katherine?

"Maybe I do because she's in love with me, too" NOT!

A twist of fate for our Hybrid, and it's the really twisted one Silas can bring.

I'm really loving the chemistry or love-hate relationship of Klaus and Caroline. I know it's not possible to be on two separate shows (that's why Elijah has been so sparse in The Vampire Diaries; he has a commitment with another show). Still, I hope Caroline shows up in the spin-off.

The Originals can do very good with Elijah as well; so can this post.

Now that Elijah is in control… well, sort of. It's really up to who has the cure (Elijah) and what he does with it. It's up to Klaus to sway his big brother to put it to good use ─ on Silas. It's up to Rebekah to persuade her more sane big brother to let her have the cure and be human. It's up to Caroline to sway the Salvatore brothers and the whole Mystic Falls gang to shove the cure down Silas's throat instead of Elena's.

Stop babysitting Elena, for starters.

Then it's up to Elena to fuck everything up? And so the cycle begins again? Or not, as Katherine's leap of faith to trust and Elijah and hope for freedom from Klaus, or like Stefan's decision to leave the life he and Damon keep on repeating? Hmmm.

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