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The Vampire Diaries. Season 4. Episode 2: "Memorial"

 It's okay, Damon. We miss him, too.

Somehow this episode feels a bit cheesy for lighting lanterns and letting them go as a part of grief therapy. What struck me more was Damon's little chat (a monologue, really) with Alaric's tombstone. I knew he considered Alaric a friend, but I always doubted as to what extent. I miss their bromance already.

Elena, being the doppelg√§nger or just new at being a vampire, needs to feed from the vein. (Sorry, Stephan, but I'm with Damon on the feeding bit right from the start.) Damon may not be trying to win Elena back but I heard of a myth that blood-sharing makes each vampire sort of attracted to each other, or something.

So, all 12 council members who knew the secret of our supernatural friends are dead. Why? And there's a new vampire hunter equipped with special bullets and a "ghost tattoo" in town. How? Hmmm.


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