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The Vampire Diaires. Season 4. Episode 1: "Growing Pains"

Of course, she turns in the most subtle way
(complete with one tear down her left cheek).

And... we're back on air, surprisingly with less bang that I had hoped but kind of expected. It feels like a pilot, basically laying the grounds of the new status quo in Mystic Falls. The gang's secret is out of the bag now.

Stefan hopes that the dark magic Bonnie has been accessing can help bring Elena's human life back. Tough luck. I just hope Grams isn't lost to us permanently. Matt needs to step up since he's alive (and forever human.) Instead of running, Caroline jumps to vampire-hybrid-sex with Tyler only to find out he's really Klaus. Rebekah has had enough of his hybrid brother (it's about time!) and my dearest Damon is back in his hot yummy bad boy ways—what's not to like?

It's a new beginning, but I hope they spice things up real fast. Or else...


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