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Of All The Things

Taken 2 was supposed to be viewed. I dunno why I ended up with Of All The Things. It's okay though because I enjoyed the flick. It was refreshing to watch these types of flicks (way different from how The Mistress looked). Plus, I got to support our Filipino flicks!

If it means supporting this guy, why not?

Of All The Things is basically what happens when a professional fixer with lots of connections teams up with a certified public notary and left to create havoc.

Well, not necessarily this type
of Havoc, but you get the picture.

A professional fixer named Berns (Regine Velasquez) happens to chance upon this law graduate named Umboy who works under his umbrella stall ("umbrella boy", UMBOY, get it?) as a certified public notary when she was in dire straits and needed some legal counselling to sort out her "fixastrous" ways.

A reason why I enjoyed this flick was the familiarity and chemistry between Aga and Regine. These guys go all the way back to 2001's Pangako Ikaw Lang, so no wonder they know how the other thinks while they're on set.

Lucky for 'em they didn't
end up like Brangelina.

And also, it was the same director who came up with Of All The Things and Pangako... Ms. Joyce Bernal.

Who's probably swimming in cash right now
because of the Php 4 million they made on the opening day.

I was actually expecting Regine to be fatter here because, you know, Mrs. Alcasid! But no, she didn't look bloated like a mom who just gave birth. The reason? It was done three years ago! I was fooled!

He still looks the same, though.

Aga also looked the same, but so does his acting. It's just a one-size-fits-all type of acting. I wasn't convinced enough that he was a law graduate in this flick. Though in fairness, he did his homework on the law terms that he's supposed to dictate here. Same thing with Mark Bautista. He didn't look like he was studyin' law hard enough here.

He should've sang some songs.

Poor choice for choosing Callalily playing in their CamSur trip fiesta thingy. I guess they were the only variety band around the mainstream who could cover and do a rock rendition of the song "Of All The Things". It was sappy though, not rock enough! Good choice though for choosing Tommy Abuel as Aga's dad. I just learned from my mom while we were watchin' the flick that he's actually a lawyer in real life!

Well, who would've thought?

As for the cameos, they were pretty solid. Some just slightly solid (like Midas Marquez just bein' passed by while the camera was panning to the left during the start), and some really solid ones (like Mitra and Chiz as themselves throwin' multiple liners).

As for "Who's hotter, Bamboo or Chiz?",
John Lapuz settled that argument in this flick.

I would give this film a decent 7 outta 10.

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Haha. I want to see Aga Muhlach do his shouting thing. Hehe.

hahaha! I LOVE YOU! FOREVER! AND EVER! AND EVER!(while shouting at Ms Cojuangco in the rain, remember that flick?), LOL

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