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Doctor Who. Series 7, Episode 5: "The Angels Take Manhattan"

This episode's title skin: Lady Liberty's crown (partial).

And finally... a Steven Moffat episode. Thank God. Not that the other writers were bad, mind you. It's just that Steven Moffat is so brilliant.

And this episode showcases Steven Moffat' s most popular and most terrifying monsters─the Weeping Angels. And there's more of them this time. There's cute little baby cherubs.

These cherubs are technically genderless.

And there's a giant Weeping Angel, such as Lady Liberty herself, reminiscent of Ghostbusters 2.

Where's the Marshmallow Man when you need him?

Since this is a Moffat episode, you have the entire gang, and when I say "gang", I mean the Ponds─Amy, Rory, and their daughter Melody a.k.a. River Song. So it's basically a double-date, since we have two couples: The Doctor and River, and Amy and Rory.

"Rory, why are we being replaced?"

And as far as double dates go, this one doesn't end quite well. We've known since the start of this season that Steven Moffat has been setting us up for this. We see a lot of foreshadowing, and we know that the Doctor will have a new companion by Christmas.

And finally, Amy uses "Williams" as her surname.

So how do the Ponds die? They jump off a building. Not. Well, they jump off a building, but they don't die. Yet. But they will die eventually. In the past. I know, this is confusing, right? You can blame Steven Moffat on that one. I blame him for making me cry. Damn that man.

Amy Pond was my first companion, just as the Eleventh was my first Doctor. Yes, I am a fairly recent Whovian, but a Whovian nevertheless, and now I genuinely know how it feels like to lose a companion. It's sad and gut-wrenching. Nobody likes endings.


Oh well. Goodbye Karen Gillan. Hello Jenna-Louise Coleman.

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I liked how the Ponds' journey with The Doctor ended. But I have so many questions. If someone out there can map their episodes chronologically, that would be awesome. Just so I'm sure it all makes sense.

It's really sad the we won't see The Ponds anymore. But it's not as depressing as Donna's story or as emotional as Rose's. Anyway, I think it's about time Eleven gets a new companion.

I know, but this is the first time I've been saddened by a DW episode in real time. Again, because Amy Pond was my first companion, and she will always be special to me. *Sniff*

You mean, Amy Pond's legs will always be special to you. LOL

Come on, you were sad when Rose got trapped in the other dimension. It's a really good ending for Amy and Rory, but not for The Doctor. But hell, it's never good for The Doctor when companions leave.

Time to move on. You've seen the next companion; you said it yourself, she's cute. Stop worrying about The Legs and The Nose. Hehe.

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