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Elementary. Episode 3: "Child Predator"


When we got to the second episode of Elementary, I really, really thought this show would make countless nods and references to the original Arthur Conan Doyle canon. I was wrong.

This show, as the title suggests, is about a child predator known as the Balloon Man. This guy goes around kidnapping kids, feeding off the public grief over these lost children, then eventually kills them.

But not before he gives them balloons. Because, you know, Balloon Man.

Soon I realized that I do not recognize this plot from any of the Conan Doyle stories. And then I realized that I failed to recognize any reference to any of the stories in the canon.

Such as this part, for example, which looks like Watson teaching
Sherlock how to dance "Gangnam Style".

So Elementary gets points for originality. But it fails in every other aspect regarding Sherlock Holmes.

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