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(My Two Cents on) Splice

I admit that I just watched this movie because there were no other movies to watch. I was quite hesitant to watch this flick because I already kinda knew (based on the trailer alone) what will happen. And I wasn't wrong. This film really didn't leave me feelin' satisfied.

Personal feelings aside, I think this film just had one main theme. Reproduction. Or in layman's terms...SEX!

I also had the feeling that I was robbed. That's because as I've said in the beginning of this rant that I already knew what was comin' even before I witnessed the movie. It was just about "splicing" genes, that's it! They're sorta like mixing and matching human and animal DNA/RNA (whatever!) to create a new specie. The only thing that I didn't know about was that they're actually trying to synthesize or create a new protein that could battle certain diseases.

Another "robbing" factor of this movie is the fact that it was for 2009. Or if you look on the internet, it would say "Splice (2009)". And it's already past the midway point of 2010. I should've just watched it on DVD. Too bad I don't have that option right now.

Just to get that "robbed" feeling away, I had to convince myself that I was sorta entertained by everything. I didn't realize that Sarah Polley (who was Elsa Kast in the movie) has a li'l hotness in her. Now why the fuck did I not find that "li'l hotness" in her back in Dawn Of The Dead when she still looks virtually the same anyway?!?

Adrien Brody still looks like Raymond Bagatsing IMHO. He also looks geeky (perfect for his scientist role here). That is I think the "geeky hotness" that some females are looking for.

And I just want to add something completely irrelevant to the film. The lady who played Dren (a.k.a. "The New Specie") named Delphine Chaneac looks a lot like that chick FHM model who lives here in our subdivision named Jane Montemayor.

Being the Russian judge on this one, I give Splice a 5.5 out of a 10.

*images from IMDb and Jane Montemayor's personal Facebook account.


Saang street nakatira si Jane Montemayor? Hehe.

SA Honoria ata...hahaha!

Anonymous said...

anung subdivision :)

nazilonga said...

anung subdivison tska saan :)) reply kaup po

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